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conversations with artists who hustle:

hus·tle | (verb) 

“to have the confidence, self-belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life”

-Urban Dictionary 

Jan 15, 2019

Join January Fonseca-Sabune, barbershop owner of January’s in Montclair, NJ, in a conversation about the artistry of barbering and the support for women in the barbering community. January has competed and placed in major barbering competitions such as the Barber Expo, Jersey Shore Hair Battle, and The Concrete Jungle...

Jan 1, 2019

Host Mesia Austin is Kicking off 2019 with #HustlingArtist, Raphael Torn.  In a discussion about the business of freelancing and respecting cultural norms while studying specific musical traditions. 

Nov 20, 2018

An awesome conversation with Victor Ryan Robertson about pursuing an unorthodox path, insecurities, and overcoming yourself for the success of your career. Vic's recent performances include, "The Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway, Terrence Blanchard's "Champion" at the Kennedy Center and "Merry Widow" with...

Nov 6, 2018

artist: Josh Montcalm 

hustle: screenwriting 

This week’s featured #hustlinartist is native New Yorker, Josh Montcalm! Josh has been writing for 10 plus years, and his most recent work, “Cicada 3301” was directed by Alan Ritchson. He’s no stranger to the hustle: it took him 18 screenplays before his 19th work...

Oct 23, 2018

Casey Cooper, or “COOP3RDRUMM3R,” with a lot of #hustle, built a YouTube channel that is now the most viewed and subscribed YouTube drumming channel per month in the world and continues to grow at an astounding rate. With over 7 million monthly views, Cooper’s channel reaches musicians around the world as he...